The STARK Difference


Unlike standard assessments that only measure accuracy, STARK Assessments measure four dimensions: Accuracy, Recall, Confidence, and Speed. This provides a much richer profile to make better hiring, promotion, and training decisions.

The Difference

  • Screening of "Lucky guess" responses improves Accuracy results
  • Confidence dimension finds candidates who "know what they don't know"
  • The Speed dimension identifies candidates that are quick thinkers

Tailored Assessments

With STARK Assessments you weight the importance of Accuracy, Recall, Confidence, and Speed to control the final scoring and ranking of results. Your assessments are tailored to identify people who best fit your requirements.

The Difference

  • You decide which dimensions are most important in your results
  • You can compare candidates from many different perspectives
  • You set the success threshold to optimize your candidate pool

Save Time and Money

Hiring, training, and promotions all require significant investments of time and money. STARK Assessment will help you make better decisions so you can avoid bad hires, reduce errant promotions, and deliver improved training.

The Difference

  • Better "first round" screening gives you a stronger/leaner candidate pool
  • Improve succession planning from considering multiple perspectives
  • Improve training investment by targeting the greatest performance gaps

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Knowledge Test

STARK Assessments uses the patented MUSET technology to turn traditional, one-dimensional knowledge assessments into multi-dimensional profiles. If your organization uses assessments to screen job candidates, identify high performers, or assess learning needs, STARK will greatly improve your success while saving you time and money.

STARK Assessments will transform your organization

Please use the contact information at left to request additional information. We will contact you to get the information needed to create a customized assessment that demonstrates exactly how you will benefit from adding MUSET to your assessments.

Our team of consultants is standing by, excited to work with you to transform your one-dimensional assessments into multi-dimensional STARK Assessments.

We look forward to partnering with you to improve your assessments!

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