MUSET Knowledge Test

About This Assessment

Twenty-one questions to test your general knowledge.

How STARK Assessments Work -

STARK Assessments leverage the patented MUSET™ technology to assess Accuracy, Confidence, Speed, and Recall. Each questions gives you the opportunity to type in the answer. Doing so correctly will earn you 2 points. Typing the wrong answer will lose you 2 points.

If you are NOT 100% sure you know the answer, you should click the button labeled “I'm Not Sure - Switch to Multiple Choice". This switches the questions value to 1 point.

You will be shown 4 answers, only one of which is correct. Select the one you think is correct. If you do not know the answer, make a guess as to which is correct.

You will then be asked to indicate how sure you are of your answer (100% - 75% - 50% - Just Guessing). If you select “I’m guessing” you will not lose any points.

For the best score, be completely honest.

After you select your confidence level press the submit button to go on to the next question.

If you have never taken a STARK Assessment before, please click on the "Try an Example Question" button below. Otherwise, click the "Got It – Let’s Get Started" button to begin your assessment.

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