About This Assessment

The 10 questions on this assessment were taken directly from the US Army's Practice Site for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Batttery (ASVAB). The questions were reformatted to allow presentation of the fill-in-the-blank format.

How STARK Assessments Work (you should really read this carefully)

The questions in this STARK Assessment leverage the patented MUSET technology to assess Accuracy, Confidence, Speed, and Recall. Some of the questions may give you the opportunity to type in the answer. Doing so will increase your Recall score. If you are NOT 100% sure you know the answer, you should click on the "I'm Not Sure - Switch to Multiple Choice" button to be shown answer choices.

Don't dally in your answer decision too long! The clock is running and quicker responses will increase your Speed score.

After you select your answer, you will be asked to select how confident you are that your response is correct. For the best STARK score, be completely honest. (If you typed in your answer, the system assumes you were 100% confident.)

After you select your confidence level, you can submit your response and move onto the next question. After the last question, you will be shown your results and have the opportunity to get a detailed results report.

If you have never taken a STARK Assessment before, please click on the "Try an Example Question" button below. Otherwise, click the "Got It – Let’s Get Started" button to begin your assessment.

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